THAT’S NOT ME – I made a feature film score!

So it’s been a weird and exciting winter.

I’ve emerged from the subterranean studios at the Continental Detective Agency having scored my first feature film.


That’s Not Me is now deep in post production.  It’s a fantastic comedy by the supremely talented duo Alice Foulcher and Gregory Erdstein.

The score has been heaps of fun and is a throwback to some of those 80s soundtracks we grew up with. Lots of synths, drum machines, and nostalgic vibes. Looking forward to being able to put up a taste as soon as I can.

The film will be out in 2017…



Polly’s dreams of making it as an actor are shattered when her identical twin sister Amy lands a plum role in an HBO show and starts dating Jared Leto. Mistaken for her famous sister at every turn, Polly decides to use her sister’s celebrity for her own advantage – free clothes, free booze, casual sex… with disastrous consequences for them both.


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