The Eyes of the Skin. Live Synth Performance

Oczy skóry* / The Eyes of the Skin
Warsaw Session #1

The first part of a long live set I played from my Melbourne studio through to an overnight performance workshop in Warsaw. We did this using StoneClap, a performance streaming service.

“The research session took on the subject of the sleepwalking body, with the whole metaphoric potential that this phenomenon entails. Somnambulism takes place during sleep which can be associated with numbness or being absent. At the same time it is a state wherein the body gives itself over to something we don’t control. What then can give the human being an impulse to become a sleepwalker in life?

The night research session – open to artists, performers, dancers and actors – took on the form of a 5-hour intra-action. The research will then be continued as part of a new theatre project titled „Lunatyczka”. The dramaturgy and concept of „Lunatyczka” has been created by Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk and Sara Rodowicz-Ślusarczyk in collaboration with the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków, Poland. Music for the piece will be created by Nicholas Pollock (Australia).

* The title of the session represents a subversive stance to a renewal of post-new-age movements. The eyes of the skin is a moniker for the trait once attributed to Rosa Kuleshova, describing her assumed ability to perceive light and colours through the skin. In para-religious science, this nostalgia for atavisms is accompanied by the belief that such traits could get us closer to a more primordial way of being.”